301 N. Main Street Suite 1204

Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101


The museum is designed as a complement to the strong arts presence along Spruce Street and the Stevens Center on Fourth Street. By day, the building silhouette complements the sawtooth profile of the Milton Rhodes Center The sawtooth profile include solar panels oriented to the south and skylights facing north. After dark, the glass portions of the building will disappear to reveal a series of miniature buildings designed to transform our perception of the building. The combination of art and lighting will bring the street-scape alive with an extraordinary visual display.  Along with state of the art exhibition space, the building will include a retail shop and a Spruce Street restaurant a dining terrace.


The building's innovation features will include a living wall along the spruce street elevation, solar panels on the south and clerestory windows on the north of the sawtooth profile, nanotechnology based building materials, 3D printed structural components LED light panels for digital art murals and animations.